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    Contacts to mine.

       To write to me the letter it is possible to the address e-mail: taransv(@)rambler.ru
    If my health will be normal, that, I shall try to answer you necessarily.
    Very much you I ask to not scoff it is necessary me. And to not write the letter with different jeers. Life very much not a predicted piece. In it(her) probably it is absolute anything you like. Even what like also can not take place not under what circumstances. It is possible that all in one second, and you become same, as well as I. The invalid.
       And you will require assistance. Who from it is not insured.
       Believe me.

    My address: 
    Taran Sergey Vladimirovoch
    155630 Ivanovo area RUSSIA
    Of Juzha street. Bitter д.3 sq. 63
    т. +7(49347) 2-37-02

       I am glad to any help from whom she(it) would not be. Or call, in Соц. To service of city of Juzha where I live by the phone: 8 (49347) 2-32-23 Simply call there. 
       There I hope, all interesting can reply to you on me.

    My address (Rus):
    Таран Сергей Владимирович
    155630 Ивановская область РОССИЯ
    г. Южа ул. Горького д.3 кв.63
    т. +7 (49347) 2-37-02

       With the Big Gratitude to you for the help, and who to me though something has helped all with this life. And such people, alas, practically units. I wish you to be healthy and neither when to not be sick. I wish nor when not get in such situation as I and to not require assistance. Take care, native, close and other people.

       PS: To call to me long if I in invalid armchair I shall try to approach(drop in) on the phone and to take a tube of ph. more quickly. In an invalid armchair with the paralysed hands quickly you will not be dispersed.


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