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    The information on me.
       You without effort can learn(find out) Any information on me in a social service of city where I live. Simply lift a tube of the phone and call there. Probably there to you everyone will tell and will answer your questions.

     Social service of city where I live is to the address:
    15560 Ivanovo area Russia
    City of Juzha. Street. Soviet д.23
    The phone 7- (49347) 2-32-23

    155630 Ивановская область Россия
    город Южа ул. Советская д.23
    тел. 8(49347) 2-32-23

    Documents confirming my Physical inability
                       My pension certificate                                                   My information(inquiry) ВТэК

       Probably that to your bell there strongly will be surprised. Your questions and prompting of an information on me will be caused with some confusion and surprise.
       Social workers can recollect with the big work of me. Workers of the given social organization though should care and help under the official duties such as I to lonely invalids. And quite often to be interested in a condition and that as their ward lives. Actually already for a long time me did not recollect and at all were not interested in , whether I am alive in general now. About what either care of me or the help in my life, understand, speech can not be.
        I hope for your small help. Which in really to me can help to survive.

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