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       I, am very grateful to firms, the companies, and people which in them work that they helped me when I to them have addressed for the help. Many thanks to usual people which under the initiative helped and help me in my life. Unfortunately, I beautifully am not able to describe everything, and colourfully to thank people for their help to me in the decision of various my problems.

       Many of people helped and help me simply in all sincerity and всилу the opportunities. What to hide, if there are certainly people корорые openly spoke and speak what to help invalids in their personal opinion, it is not expedient. As though were going to live eternally, considering that when with them there can not be that and they not under what circumstances do not become invalids. As they consider, people of the second or even the third grade. Let all that they think will be on their conscience. Not about such there is a speech.
      I speak about those people to whom life of other people, who working in the solid companies and firms is not indifferent, being on big and not so posts, and simply usual people which without superfluous questions helped and help me who than can by the opportunities though not on many but to improve my life.
    Once again BIG to YOU THANK for the help.
    I wish all of you health. That your life would be much better than mine.

    With Huge Respect



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