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    Is glad to see you on my modest site in a network!

       I, very much ask you to not leave and read up this page up to the end.
    If you now read, I mean to you have addressed with the request to help me. And I very much need in your help.
       My name is Sergey. And I on coincidence of circumstances the invalid of 1-st group. In an invalid armchair hardly I can move. I practically completely парализованныйи am confined to bed, and even now because of in part not working paralysed hands I type this page a pencil by buttons, somehow.   
      What life at me if my existence in general though somehow can be named life to tell or describe very difficultly, and the sense in it especially is not present. Very heavy trauma of a backbone has struck me off the list people which have an opportunity normally to live in этои the world. My dialogue with the world unfortunately is possible only with the help of a computer, through the Internet. And the Internet at us in Russia expensive(dear) pleasure. But, on another to me not how to not creep out in the world and communicate with people on another I can not as.
       As pensioners and furthermore invalids, to tell especially not what for live in our country of Russia. On the TV everyone show frequently unfortunately. Especially when you the invalid and all feel each day all this life directly on yourself, much of this life to become clearly. And the end and to this is not present edge(territory). Потытаться to describe all in a word will fail. And to understand healthy челрвеку all this it is very difficult. Though on same TV tell about the help and about that much that it is necessary to help and not overlook........ But, it is words. When all reaches an affair, really can and help единици people. I am indefinitely grateful to them for this help.
       My scanty disability pension unfortunately does not allow me to get good and required to me for life of a thing. For example: which same medicines frequently are not present in drugstores. They are not necessary for the healthy person. And about their existence and other many things required for that what the invalid though as that on человечески could live, the healthy person at all does not suspect. While itself God forbid with it not столкнётся in the life at will of a case. That the healthy person usually does(makes), usually simply not noticing to make for the invalid very difficultly. It is possible to equate literally words to a feat. Also it is necessary to do(make) all. Each movement gives with the big work and a strong pain.
    Believe, it is very inconvenient for me to ask to help you to me. If I have written to you the letter, I mean need in your help and I address personally to you, I ask you to help me in process of your opportunity, than probably. Anyone, even most not the big help from you or assistance in the help will help me even for such life, or a little but will improve her(it). And how many I still can live such life, it is not known.
       Personally your help can though a few(a little,little bit) help me with this life. And you will know to whom exactly and than you have particularly helped with this life. And whose life though has a little changed in the best party(side).
      As popular wisdom says: " With the world on a thread, naked a shirt ".

      With the big gratitude for the help and to all who to me has helped you and helps. I time of any help from whom she(it) would not be. I wish you from the bottom of the heart to be healthy and when to not be sick. Take care, native, close and other people.

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